Transaction accounts (current account)

Transaction accounts of legal persons are in accordance with current Slovenian legislation the only accounts, through which legal persons and sole proprietors can receive and remit funds in payment transactions.   

Software solution enables:

  • domestic and foreign currency management,
  • currency conversion,
  • cash and noncash transactions,
  • queuing of orders,
  • execution of SEPA orders,
  • payment orders authorisation,
  • SEPA mass inflows,
  • SEPA mass payments,
  • management of claims,
  • overdraft processing,
  • payments data file (e.g. XML) input,
  • account stops,
  • account subproduct code amendments,
  • impairment processing (IFRS),
  • induvidual interest rates,
  • reminder letters processing,
  • interests calculation processing,
  • costs and fees calculation processing,
  • account statmenets processing.

In connection with other Hibis modules it enables the following services as well:

  • card processing (business cards),
  • standing orders,
  • direct credits and direct debits – SEPA DD module,
  • WEB banking,
  • seizures processing (NODURS module).