E-storage of documents

DOMIS (DOcument Management Information System) is a stand-alone solution for the e-storage of bank documents. It is closely connected with the HIBIS core system, therefore processes are optimized so that they run faster than with external solutions. This enables the following user benefits:

a) Higher productivity

  • Access to documents from HIBIS monitors.
  • Collection of documents is carried out at the source and documents are immediately available to the business network.

b) Efficient and fast implementation

  • Option of automatic collection of the majority of bank documents from HIBIS to DOMIS.
  • Faster basic parameterization and initial loading.
  • Easier and faster adjustments, as there is no synchronization between providers.

c) Easy management and use

  • The management of user rights is faster, because the same rights hold in HIBIS as well as in DOMIS.

DOMIS enables the following functionalities:

  • Collection of documents in paper form: digitalization of documents (scanning), conversion into the appropriate format for long-term storage (PDF/A), determination of metadata and notes, which subsequently enable efficient searching of documents in the e-storage system.
  • Import of electronic documents into the e-storage system including related metadata, conversion into the appropriate format for long-term storage (PDF/A) and collection of electronic signatures.
  • Storage and search/display of documents through a unified interface (in/out interface).
  • Digital signing and, if required, time stamping of documents.
  • Long-term management of electronic documentation in accordance with the law, regulations and recommendations for its management.
  • Storage of documents according to their classification and grouping into logical groups (e.g. credit map)
  • Subsequent alteration of metadata (e.g. date of archiving for credit documentation).
  • Elimination (transfer to national archive or to destruction).
  • Maintenance work, required in electronic storage (time re-stamping and re-signing).
  • Management of access rights to e-storage documents (based on HIBIS rights) and monitored forwarding of document (separate printing and e-mail rights).
  • Audit trail on the system level (accesses to the system) and the document level (history of collection, accesses and monitored forwarding).