General ledger

Represents according to function an upgrade of other systems within the integrated software system for the support of the banking information system. It is also capable of independent operation and can cover the functions of general ledger management in domestic as well as in foreign currency.
Software support enables:

  • input into general ledger,
  • input into / bookkeeping of individual general ledger accounts (in domestic and in foreign currency),
  • input into / bookkeeping of general ledger through account connections (in domestic and in foreign currency),
  • calculation of exchange rate differences,
  • input of bookkeeping date into general ledger (change of general ledger accounting month),
  • input of account connections,
  • input of the chart of accounts,
  • correction / copying of account connections,
  • change of account,
  • transfer between accounts,
  • reviews and browses,
  • review of individual entries in the general ledger,
  • review of of account connections,
  • review of balance by account,
  • browsing through non-reconciled bookkeeping orders on bank level,
  • browsing through annual balance according to account,
  • review of general journal,
  • review of account card,
    -creation of starting balances,
    -opening balances for general ledger;
    -reconciliation of class 6;
    -correction of opening balances;