Reporting to the ECB – EKR (Central register of loans)

The product is designed to support the preparation of reports to the ECB and EKR, in accordance with regulatory requirements.

The following reports are supported:

  • BS1S – Balance sheet
  • BS1V – Report on revaluations
  • IVD – Statement of financial position and statement of comprehensive income
  • BDOG – Events related to the financial instruments debtors
  • BS1K – Parameters related to credit risk

Support for reporting consists of three components:

  • Structure of reports, coding and translation code lists
  • Balance calculations
  • Creating reports

The basis for the creation of the report is:

  • Calculated balance at the level of Counterparty and accounts of General Ledger
  • Information about Counterparty
  • Information about Clients
  • Information on Collateral
  • The methodology for integrating analytics into the report BS1S/BS1V
  • Matrix for BS1S/BS1V
  • Translation code lists
  • The rules for determining rows and columns
  • The definitive write-offs
  • Calculated coefficients for default rates and loss rate