The calculation parameters for the collective impairment (IFRS)

The product is designed to support the preparation of data for impairment according to the requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Software support enables:

  • Defining class of impairment to determine the range of delay – separately for Retail or Corporate Clients;
  • Defining class of exposure to define the area of exposure and type of impairment: Collective, Latent losses;
  • products / impairment groups
  • Matrix of collective impairment which allowing the user to draw for each product any percent in terms of days late. Impairment percentage is determined based on the date the impairment, the type of partner and days of delay;
  • receivables by Counterparty (total exposure, planning cash flow, expected cash flow, the original effective interest rate, marketing and the discounted value of all collateral, the average number of days of delay, the maximum number of days of delay, ..) from existing Hibis modules
  • Receivables are broken down by product, Counterparty, types of balance sheet, divided to balance/off balance sheet receivables and doubtful debts.
  • Information on Collateral of Counterparty (a type of Collateral, market value and the discounted value of collateral);
  • information on Clients, which represents a summary view of the data on the Counterparty;
  • overview of the products, which enabling collective assessment for products based on the quantity and value data on new contracts, approved contracts, refused contracts of withdrawal, redemption agreements, contracts canceled, written off contract and all contracts at the date of preparation;
  • history of impairment parameters;

Monitoring the status of restructured Counterparty:

  • Defaulted Exposure
  • Exposure impaired
  • Nonperforming exposure
  • Forborne

Terms and conditions of the Bank are determined on the basis of the conditions imposed. The data is recorded in The Register of restructured Counterparty.

The new software in accordance with IFRS 9 is in preparation.