Liquidity flows report (TL)

The basis for the creation of the report is:

  • information on Clients
  • Information on Counterparty
  • Calculated daily balance at the level of Counterparty
  • transaction data for the previous working day
  • information on repayments schedule
  • information on pre-enrolled inflows/outflows
  • Calculated daily balance at the account of General Ledger

In the context of supporting the following tasks:

  • module and code lists configuration
  • Preparation, preview and revision of analysts
  • creating reports
  • Export / visualization of reports in required format

The process of creating the report:

  • the first to be included are Counterparties which have repayment schedule
  • next are Counterparties which have no maturity or an repayment schedule – based on information of Calculated daily balance
  • next are pre-enrolled inflows/outflows
  • all maturity arranged in a basket on the basis of residual maturity, the maturity transactions without the time-cart T. These amounts can then be entered on the basis of % distributed to the remaining maturity.

The report can be exported to Excel prescribed form.