Support for managing of user’s accesses to Hibis enables:

  • configuration of user’s profiles – setting permits to work in Hibis,
  • tracking changes in settings of profiles,
  • assign profiles to Hibis users,
  • tracking changes of assigned profiles to Hibis users.

Defining profiles is an upgrade of the existing standard support for granting accesses and rights for work in Hibis. Support enables more controlled and easier allocation of permits to work with Hibis.
Software support profile settings.

Profile that is assigned to a user consists of rolls and rights for working with KD modules. Therefore, in the context of a profile, the following operations are setting out:

  1. definition the groups of rolls, which will be included in the profile (s). Each roll is included in a certain group. The group may include one or more rolls. Certain roll can be included in several groups of rolls,
  2. definition the groups of rights to work in KD module that will be included in the profile (s). Into the group of rights, settings of the rights for each VPO are to be included. In the group can be settings for one or more VPO’s,
  3. definition of the rank for accessing to masks and prints. Setting the rank is optional, depending on whether the bank uses this functionality.

Prepared settings for above items should be included in the specified profile. The profile can include one or more groups of rolls or rights. You can include only the settings for the roles, or just setting of the rights for KD module.

When profiles are defined, one can assign them to users.