Overnight deposits with bank of Slovenia

The support enables the management of overnight deposits with the Bank of Slovenia.

Software support enables:

  • contracting of deposits / loans with domestic and foreign banks,
  • domestic and foreign currency support,
  • nostro account, loro account and settlement account support,
  • execution of corresponding SWIFT messages (MT202, MT210 and MT300),
  • SWIFT and TARGET2 systems support,
  • enabled 4 or 6 eye control,
  • option or data retyping at verification and authorization,
  • automatic processing or orders without manual intervention until transaction maturity,
  • monthly accrual of interest,
  • accrual of interest with reversal of previous month’s accrued interest or additional bookkeeping,
  • review of all orders and printouts according to different criteria (date of contract, date of currency, dealing bank),
  • review of outstanding claims,
  • all active deposits are taken into account in the preparation of cash flow,
  • different types of deposits (overnight, short-term, long-term).