Monitoring of trade in issued debt and equity securities at different issuers and listed stocks and shares for the bank’s own portfolio. Monitoring of the capital investments of a business.

Software support enables:

  • short-term and long-term debt and equity securities,
  • nomination,
  • in domestic currency,
  • in foreign currency,
  • with a currency clause,
  • management of inventory,
  • by average price,
  • by FIFO method,
  • bank portfolio,
  • market (trading),
  • available for sale,
  • held to maturity,
  • evaluation upon market price,
  • netting,
  • basic account / revaluation adjustment account,
  • PPK account always equals 0 in sale of stock or in redemption of total principal,
  • analytic account / revaluation adjustment account,
  • added depreciation in HTM portfolio,
  • reporting to auditing institutions (SMA – Securities Market Agency).