A cheque is a simple and relatively inexpensive payment instrument for the payment of goods and services. The transfer of a foreign cheque to a foreign bank by the fastest route and reception of coverage approves the beneficiary’s account. Support for the management of cheques sent for collection.

Software support enables:

  • input of basic information about cheque,
  • bookkeeping of off-balance records, off-balance cheque cancellation is done manually,
  • increasing or decreasing the open part of the off-balance sheet,
  • calculation and bookkeeping of fees according to cheque tariffs. The claim is established against the client who delivered the cheque, with the possibility of account printout. The claim is then managed in the general module for management of claims,
  • review of coverage transactions by individual loro collection,
  • input of transactions according to cheque sent for collection,
  • review of current balance and transactions,
  • at cash inflow an ordinary cash order is issued from the address of the cheque sent for collection.