Online banking

Online banking enables companies and entrepreneurs to comfortably perform bank services from a desired remote location.

No installation is required on personal computer, personal digital certificate and one of common browsers is required.

Software support enables:

  • entry using client certificates and password or username, password and SMS on-time-token, possibility of different user rights (roles),
  • insight into account balance, information, transactions, search of transactions, output to Excel,
  • insight into bank statements and download of statement in PDF or ISO XML,
  • insight into blockages on accounts,
  • insight into online authorizations (POS transactions),
  • reviewing credit cards and their transactions,
  • reviewing and opening of term deposits,
  • reviewing loans,
  • payments (UPN, SEPA, HUB3),
  • upload of batch payments in ISO XML (ordinary and mass-payments),
  • international business (payments in foreign currency, currency exchange, letters of credit orders), 
  • SEPA direct debit (SDD)
    • reviewing SDD received debits, possibility of cancellation or reversals of executed transactions,
    • upload of SDD packages and insight into packages and transactions,
  • authorization of transactions using:
    • electronic signature,
    • SMS token depending on transaction amount or daily sum of authorized transactions,
    • 4-eye payment authorization,
  • notifications to email or GSM:
    • account balance or last transactions on demand,
    • events (incoming/outgoing transactions, cancellations, overdraft or term deposit ending time, received e-invoice or SDD debit, entry into EB, entry using wrong password, …,
    • periodically (account balance, processed payments in a day, …),
  • e-invoices:
    • receiving of e-invoices (insight and creating payment orders from e-invoices, e-invoice subscription…),
    • invoice issuer (uploading e-invoices, receiving e-invoices subscriptions, …),
  • communication with bank,
  • administration of users.