Currency options (FX)

Buying or selling of the right to buy or sell a specified amount of foreign currency at a specified exchange rate.

Software support enables:

  • management of american and european plain vanilla currency options,
  • currency options with the following barriers:
    • knock out,
    • knock in,
    • double knock out,
    • double knock in,
    • knock in and knock out,
    • european knock out,
    • european knock in.
  • open execution of MT305 (vanilla), MT306 (barrier), MT300, MT202,
  • contracting of transactions with banks and legal persons,
  • authorization (possibility of four eyes control),
  • automatic bookkeeping of business events within daily processing,
  • monthly evaluation at a fair price is executed outside of HIBIS,
  • only evaluation values are inputted into the latter,
  • settlement supported by direct bookkeeping into current account transactions (premium and execution) through domestic payment transactions; for other cases reconciliation of claims and liabilities with bookkeeping into / from transitional account is enabled,
  • bookkeeping of exchange rate differences.