Commission Management

The software package for the management of commission loans represents a neutral bank transaction for the bank, because the bank in the name of and for the account of the commissioner/mandatory places their assets with the final users and for these services charges a commission.

Loans granted to natural persons are managed only evidentially through commission accounts, the cash flow, however, goes through a deposit account, which the commissioner/mandatory holds with the bank. Each loan deposit and reimbursement of annuity is recorded in two ways:

  • on the loan itself in the form of entries in the commission balance (on commission accounts);
  • on the intermediary’s deposit account as an increase or a decrease of the deposit.

For each commission transaction all actions linked to the calculation of interest, indemnities… are conducted in the same way as with balance loans, apart from the income from interest, which is not shown; however the claim on interest in the moment of payment is passed to the commissioner/mandatory.

Software support enables:

  • Input and modification of master data;
  • Cchanging of master data;
  • Parameterization (VPO, SNA, accounting, cost …);
  • Deposit funds and posting the deposit;
  • Payment of deposit;
  • Actual and virtual calculation of interest;
  • Calculation the bill of exchange differences;
  • Overview of the deposit and payments on deposit;
  • The review commission credits in the framework of mandatory deposit;
  • Booking in a separate, so-called mandatory balance;
  • Automatic transmission of principal payments / credit funds of commission credits (linking to the mandatory deposit);
  • Printouts of executed returns to commissioner;
  • Overview of traffic in the mandatory balance;
  • Overview of accounts in the mandatory balance;
  • Overview of payments and deposits for commission loans;
  • Input of master data – new lot for calculation of charges;
  • Calculation and booking of commission in the lot of charges;
  • Link of calculation of charges with commissionaire deposit;
  • Printout of charges for commission.