Support for the management of claims against subsidisers.

Module enables:

  • management of subsidies, where invoices for the amount of the subsidy are sent to subsidiary,
  • management of subsidies, which are deducted from the amount of remittance and,
  • management of subsidies with periodic calculation / payment of subsidies.

In this module the following is supported in addition to the existing support for loan transactions:

  • determination of quota or amount of subsidy on individual subsidiser level, which is controlled and reduced with the input of a new subsidy on a new contract,
  • determination of subsidies payment method,
  • input of an umbrella subsidiser, intermediary and secondary intermediary,
  • automatic execution of a subsidized, accrued interest schedule,
  • automatic creation of a subsidies schedule,
  • discounting of interest payment and interest rate,
  • payment of subsidized interest with a standing order – based on a call deposit,
  • calculation of claims on arrears against subsidiser,
  • periodic (monthly, trimonthly…) payment of subsidies,
  • possibility of termination of subsidization,
  • support for the process of depreciation of lots.