Buying of claims in domestic currency

The module is designed for invoice discounting and management of purchased claims in domestic currency.

Software support enables:

  • purchase of claims with calculation of discount, fee and tax,
  • authorization of purchase with retyping or without,
  • printing out of the purchase elements recapitulation (calculated for contract),
  • accrual of discount according to individual lots,
  • accrual of fee according to contract,
  • allocation of paid-in funds (settlement of fees, assignor disbursement),
  • reconciliation of purchased claims (inflow through payment transactions, offset with new purchase),
  • depreciation of claims depending on the credit rating of debtor,
  • reclassification of claims,
  • calculation of interest on arrears,
  • adjustment of discount accounts after contract conclusion and execution of credit note,
  • re-bookkeeping of agency, SNA assignor, SNA debtor on lot level,
  • waiving of claims, waiving of minimal amounts,
  • review of outstanding claims by day,
  • reviews and printouts of purchased claims according to assignors and debtors,
  • purchase card with a review according to accounts,
  • incorporation into reports on entire bank level.