Support for long-term and short-term corporate saving (deposits) with a single deposit in foreign and in domestic currency or with a currency clause.

Management of the following is supported:

  • time deposits and call deposits,
  • overnight deposits – automatic linking with corporate transaction accounts,
  • successive deposits.

Software support enables:

  • input and modification of master data for the management of special-purpose and non-special-purpose deposits,
  • authorization of input and modifications of deposit basic information,
  • automatic printout of deposit agreements / annexes,
  • automatic bookkeeping of business events,
  • dynamic defining (composition) of deposit interest rate (fixed, floating, bonus…),
  • specification of separate accounts and references for repayment of interest and principal,
  • repayment / disbursement of deposit in instalments,
  • automatic calculation of ordinary or accrued interest,
  • automatic calculation of exchange rate differences for foreign currency transactions,
  • automatic repayment of deposit through payment transactions at maturity,
  • automatic transfer of monthly interest into clients’ accounts,
  • automatic or manual annexing of deposit contracts.