Front office / Teller module

The front office module supports base front office functionalities such as transcations postings, reviews, print outs and teller and agnecy data processing. The module is integrated with other Hibis modules thus ensures complete bank business processing support in front office.
Software support enables:

  • input of cash and non-cash front office transactions, such as:
    • front office receipts / expenditures (also front office transactions in connection with the credit-deposit module (disbursement of credit, payment of approval costs, insurance premiums, repayment of overpaid loan … all based on the choice of credit lot from the list of values),
    • internal transfers between accounts,
    • execution of SEPA payment orders,
  • other Hibis modules screens access, used for business proceses support on front office (eg. customers, accounts opening, transactions postings, …),
  • automatic teller interface,
  • end of day teller porcessing,
  • Teller module printouts,
  • various reports, exports to excell for bank,
  • documentation prints of account and for clients.