Mobile banking

Mobile banking application enables bank’s clients to conduct a number of financial transactions through a mobile device any time anywhere. Application provides functionalities that use modern features of mobile devices and so enables additional functionalities like scan and pay or locating nearest ATM ….

Software support enables:

  • current accounts: review of account balance and transaction details in real time for all client’s accounts and accounts that the client has been authorized to; review of scheduled payments/ transfers, review of  queuing of payment orders and ability to cancel scheduled payments/transfers; review of denied payments/ transfers, review of accounts details,
  • credit card: review of credit card balance – for all client’s cards and cards that the client has been authorized to; review of credit card payment with future due and transaction details in real time, review of credit cards details,
  • review of savings accounts (balance, due date, graphical picture of duration…)
  • review of loans accounts (balance, duration and graphical picture of duration, amount of due unpaid claims …) and possibility of loan’s rate payment,
  • bill payments with input of data,
  • bill payments – simple and quick via scanning payment slips,
  • simple bill payments via templates,
  • account transfer between client’s accounts, account transfer to another’s bank account,
  • sale of foreign exchange, buy of foreign exchange,
  • locating the nearest ATMs,locating nearest ATMs for any desired location,
  • alerts to inform user of denied payments/transfers, informations about offers, new products, terms and conditions of usage,
  • helpful information: bank’s current currency converter, bank’s info data …