Saving accounts for retail

Saving accounts module supports:

  • a vista accounts, with bank internal transactions, with no funds accessibility restrictions and with no maturity;
  • a vista accounts, with bank internal transactions, with funds accessibility restrictions and in advance defined maturity date;

Software solution enables:

  • if account is with in advance defined maturity date, it can be defined with saving period or maturity date entry,
  • contract amount payment (cash or non-cash, on site or postponed), can be defined as for product sub code (group of accounts) rule,
  • interest taxation support,
  • minimum and maximum account balance settings for accounts sub code,
  • account payment of installment frequency and min, max amount settings,
  • maximum installment payment failures settings for contract determination,
  • regularity of frequency and amount controls settings,
  • installment payment failure measures settings,
  • client notifications in case of installment payment failure,
  • various channels for client statements.