Saving books in domestic currency

Savings books are meant for the management of a vista assets of individuals and conducting of transactions within the bank. The original functionality of the module has been limited by the change of the Slovenian law on payment transactions, whereby the transaction account can be the only inflow-outflow account within the payment system.

Software solution enables:

  • managment founds in domestic currency,
  • cash transactions and their reversals,
  • non-cash transactions and their resversals,
  • savings purpose sub product code,
  • minimum, maximum allowed balance on account sub product code,
  • account segmentation (sub product code) amendments,
  • changes of segmentation (sub product code) depending on client’s age,
  • account blockade,
  • interest rates for segments of saving books, individual interest rates,
  • progressive interests upon achieved balance,
  • management costs support,
  • Teller module printouts,
  • various reports, exports to excell for bank,
  • documentation prints of account and for clients.