Transaction accounts for individuals (current account)

Transaction accounts of individuals are in accordance with current Slovenian legislation the only accounts, through which legal, natural and civil law persons can receive and remit funds in payment transactions. They are multi-currency accounts onto which numerous instruments are bound, that simplify and speed up the disposal of assets for individuals.

Software soultion enables:

  • management of several different currencies on the same account,
  • cash and non-cash transactions,
  • execution of  payment orders (SEPA, international transactions),
  • queuing of payment orders,
  • SEPA direct debits,
  • standing orders,
  • conversions and individual adjustments of exchange rates,
  • regular and additional overdraft on account (limit), automatic approvals, prolongations,
  • cheque processing (for countries where is actual),
  • card operations,
  • WEB banking,
  • mobile banking,
  • blockade of account,
  • seizures processing,
  • account segmentation (sub product code) amendments,
  • reminder letters processing,
  • impairment processing (IFRS),
  • interest rates for segments of accounts, individual interest rates, progressive interests upon achieved balance,
  • costs and commissions for segments of accounts, individual, or based on special bank offers,
  • minimum, maximum allowed balance on different segments of accounts (sub product code),
  • changes of account segmentation (sub product code) depending on client’s age,
  • Teller module printouts,
  • various reports, exports to excell for bank,
  • documentation prints of account and for clients.