hibis core

An advanced core banking system

The only way we can create a new banking reality and thus a competitive advantage is through well supported processes in the core
banking system. Modern trends demand that the customer is at the forefront of today’s banking.

User-specific services are based on large quantities of data, which wind the digital ecosystem around the modern bank customer.

To efficiently develop buyer-specific products, the basis of which is the flexible processing of large quantities of information, banks require a modern and efficient core banking system.

The core banking system must be kept up to date for the bank to be able to adapt to the demand for services that can be carried out anywhere and at any time.

The HIBIS core banking system is based on the most advanced technologies, which enable the highest standards of speed, flexibility and agility. Oracle’s technology combined with our 25 years of experience in the development of banking process support guarantee long-term competitiveness and flexibility in the development of banking services. One of the biggest indicators of an insufficiently integrated core
banking system is a failure to meet development goals, because the implementation of new products is too time-consuming and expensive.

With the HIBIS core banking system banks can fulfil all market driven requirements. The benefits of Hibis are:

  • greater operational efficiency and flexibility,
  • optimization of the user-experience,
  • efficient risk management,
  • lower operational costs,
  • efficient fulfilment of regulator’s demands,
  • higher quality of services,
  • a long-lasting IT platform.