banking platform of the future

Step with us into a new banking reality

For twenty-five years we have enthusiastically looked after well ordered, seamless and flawless banking systems. HRC is the biggest provider of software for banks and financial institutions in Slovenia. Because our products function flawlessly they enable our business partners to operate successfully and without worry as they focus on development.

We successfully supply IT solutions and actively contribute to the future of the banking industry. Our accurate analyses examine the market, technological development and needs of today’s bank customer. Thus we are able to anticipate trends and expertly guide our development toward technological solutions, which optimize banking processes and aid financial institutions in creating a competitive market advantage.

Our products are based on efficient technology. All our services derive from our own solutions for the core banking system. Our business partners utilize all the advantages of the modern HIBIS software, which are crucial to maintaining stability in a rapidly changing market.

Our current stable performance is based on a strong tradition, which underpins our vision of the bank of the future. We realise that it is only in cooperation with our business partners that we can create long-term competitive advantages, which enable growth and satisfy end users.

We invite you to join forces with us in co-creating a unique digital ecosystem where we are all winners.