A new visual identity

11 Jan 2022

In 2021, we wanted to unveil new development expansions at Hrc not only in the form of new modules and products – the time had come to also redesign our overall graphic image. We wanted to modernise the logo, as the most recognisable symbol of the company, while retaining the essence of the image. When we asked randomly selected visitors of the website about the message our old logo conveyed, the majority identified the following as the fundamental characteristics:

  • blue colour,
  • arrows,
  • a diamond, a precious stone, an eye.

Our intention was to keep key identifiable elements, but at the same time we wanted to establish a more dynamic design to better illustrate the identity of the company. Therefore, as we designed the new logo, we retained the basic shape of a rotated square, arrows in the form of computing start and end tags and the basic blue colour.

Hrc - Brand personality

What followed was a deconstruction and a new integration of individual elements, and we replaced all the grey shades with blue ones, while also adding to the light blue a darker blue shade combined with white. The dark blue symbolises elegance, control and authority, indicating confidence, responsibility and loyalty at the same time. The white symbolises simplicity, safety and freshness, while the bright blue symbolises freedom, creativity and productivity.

Hrc - visual identity

The fading shades of blue appear in two units, symbolising a connection, written code with arrow keys, freshness, adaptability, dynamics. The name Hrc is already well-established as an independent name, which is why the script is like with an ordinary name, in lower case, and no longer in upper case, as an acronym. The Hrc symbol and script are thus integrated in a new logo that reflects a new, modern, clear and recognisable identity of Hrc.

Hrc - visual identity


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