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New opportunities in a team of “hamsters”

Join a successful company where a variety of banking projects awaits you. In a team of “hamsters”, you will be able to demonstrate your creative potential in creating new solutions for our customers.

Join a successful company where a variety of banking projects awaits you. In our team you will be able to demonstrate your creative potential in creating new solutions for our customers.

Health care

We are aware that we spend the majority of working hours sitting in front of computers, so we devote special attention to recreation such as football, volleyball, tennis, badminton, jogging and hiking.

Social events

Every year we organise an autumn picnic, a “trade union” trip and an end-of-year party (when there is no coronavirus); we also like to hang out at various sports events and various departmental teambuilding events.

Pleasant location and premises

At our business premises, you will be inspired again and again every day by the green neighbourhood surrounding our modernly furnished offices, and the lively pulse of the town of Žalec (some offices provide a direct "view" of our neighbour, the Beer Fountain).

Learning & development

We devote a lot of attention to development and innovative solutions, so we make sure the knowledge of our employees is constantly upgraded.

Team spirit and a relaxed hierarchy

At the company, you will quickly get to know your new colleagues, as we will include you in the appropriate teams, where we help each other and solve business challenges together.

Mentorship programmes

The mentorship programme is carried out for newcomers in internship assignments, and we devote great attention to mentorship for all new employees.

Care for the local environment and social responsibility

Sustainability is reflected in our daily work as we look after rational energy consumption as well as the local environment.

Looking after young hopefuls

We offer scholarships, traineeships and practice for pupils and students. Although we primarily encourage the completion of studies as the first priority for young people, agreements for students to work during the year and during study holidays are also possible.

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We offer...

Hrc is a team. And, primarily, people – individuals with different skills, desires, needs. Employee satisfaction is our key guideline, so we constantly look after good atmosphere, connectivity and good working conditions. We are aware that the source of all our achievements is the work and the enthusiasm of colleagues who, as a rule, remain loyal to us for many years. That is what we are the most proud of and therefore, the company, too, remains loyal and conscientious about its duties towards our employees.

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Competitive pay

We operate in a competitive environment, so we constantly strive to be competitive not only in the market, but also internally – in terms of working conditions and pay.

Employment for an indefinite period of time

We offer employment for an indefinite period, which, depending on experience, begins immediately or after the expiry of the trial period.

Education and growth

By participating in professional meetings and workshops, we constantly provide additional education and training to our employees. We take into account the needs of the workplace as well as the individual's desire for growth.

Flexible working conditions

We offer flexible working conditions, with which we strive for a better balance between work and private life.

Option to work from home

We have developed a hybrid work system, so we can do a lot in our home work environment.

Equal opportunities employer

We are committed to prohibiting discrimination and ensuring equal treatment for all employees and job candidates.

View current ads and send us your application. If you do not find a suitable job, please contact us and we will inform you when there is an appropriate vacancy.

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Employee testimonials

"It is important that we all know what our goal is and that we grow together. It is not just the numbers that speak of the fact that the Hrc family is already so large and will be even bigger; mutual assistance and trust make it even bigger. And in the end, this really is a great value.”

Luka Piletič

Project Manager

"I believe in this company because it has a very good vision for the future. The best thing about my work is that we have a great collective and when there is a problem, we get together and come up with a solution."

Matic Konečnik

Head of Development in the Department of Cards Business

“The coolest thing about my work is that it's never boring.”

Andrej Božič

Head of Development in the Department of Payment  Systems

“I have at least one meeting every day, but I enjoy programming the most. To me, it seems like putting Lego pieces together, quite a few building blocks are standard, a colleague prepares the cockpit, we put together a brand new type of engine and a fast car and, well, the program is complete. Then it is off to the test track…”

Maja Terner

Lead Software Engineer

“The team has gelled very well right from the off. You can ask anyone anything, and they’ll be happy to answer and help you. Even outside of the working environment, we like to socialise with our colleagues, and the team is really colourful and very pleasant company.”

Tanja Veg

Project Manager

“In my work, I like the fact that work is provocative and diverse, because we often come up against completely new things. Because of this, the working day often passes very quickly.”

Dušan Krajnc

Senior Software Engineer

Would you like to join us? Contact us and we will be happy to respond. Maybe you have just the knowledge we will need tomorrow.