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A dependable partner in the development of banking systems

Get a modern banking system where all banking products are integrated into a unified Hibis system.

Benefit from the advantages of the Hibis system

The Hibis banking system is a unique comprehensive solution that is successfully used by many domestic and foreign banks and savings banks. Hibis offers you the most diverse modular solutions for all the features a bank needs for its operations.

We are the leader in offering a wide range of banking software solutions. We look after orderly and flawless banking systems that enable efficient and carefree operations.

Why is Hibis an excellent solution for your business?

In a time of rapid changes and an urgent need for adaptability to the needs of the market and regulators, introducing off-the-shelf solutions for banks and savings banks can be a key advantage.

Cost-effective solution

The standard Hibis solution allows for continuous improvement of the software while optimising work. For the client, this means saving resources and a faster and more cost-effective solution.

Fast implementation

Standard Hibis software solutions are off-the-shelf solutions, so they can be set up quickly in your work environment.

Simple integration

Rather than prepare complex specifications, you can customize your processes to the proven solutions offered via standard integration (paying systems, card processors, ...) and "open banking" API integration by Hibis and thereby ensure optimal operation of key banking services.

Adaptability to existing processes

When existing modules do not meet your needs, we prepare custom-made solutions to solve even the most complex business needs.

Market experience

Development of Hibis solutions is based on years of experience and collaboration with different clients. We constantly upgrade standard Hibis solutions and design new solutions according to the needs of users.

Legal and audit compliance

Hibis meets all domestic and European regulatory requirements and ensures the necessary audit compliance.

Modern banking customised for users

Modern banking operations today are fully customised for users. In a digital ecosystem, we take into account the rapid changes in the market and the large amount of data a user of modern banking services needs.

Lending operations

The module is suitable for management of long- and short-term loans to natural and legal persons. With shorter loan preparation and approval time, you can increase product sales.

Transaction accounts

The module enables the management of transaction accounts for natural and legal persons, including all support for package management, services, usage and distribution channels.

Savings and deposits

Retail and corporate savings products offer different ways of raising funds and supporting savings.

Infrastructure modules

They provide support for payment transactions (domestic, foreign, SEPA CT and SEPA IP), by customers including a 360° view, a master book, cash desk support, insurance management and risk management support (EWS, credit rating systems).

Regulatory reporting

Comprehensive support for regulatory reporting for the needs of the national bank and the ECB, including for systemically important banks.

Processes and digitalisation

A comprehensive overview of transactions and activities within the process of approving a transaction. Documentation management, automated acquisition of information from external sources and a record in Hibis Core.

Purchasing of receivables

Factoring and purchasing of receivables is a financial service that enables financing for business operations, management of receivables and risk protection when selling with a deferred payment date.

Digital channels

Electronic and mobile banking for legal and natural persons. The modules enable the client to perform banking services at any time and anywhere in a very simple way.

Support for financial institutions

Hibis supports the following modules: Securities, Derivative Financial Instruments and Interbank Deposits and Loans.


Support for standard APIs is consistent with the Openbanking initiative.

Why Hrc?

Hrc is one of the largest software providers for banks and savings banks in Slovenia and Croatia.


years of operation of the Hibis system


of the Slovenian banking market uses the Hibis system



We are trusted

To banks and savings banks in Slovenia and Croatia, we provide top-quality solutions in various business areas.

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